Frequently Asked Questions

You may store any item that is owned by you, and that can fit into your storage unit.
Stolen goods, animals, humans, fresh food, flammable substances and chemicals. Also goods that are illegal, hazardous, or explosives and firearms.
Storage units cost anything from $5 a day, and it all depends on the size and duration needed.
Please contact us on 1300 950 729 if you have any questions or need any help regarding with removalist recommendations, trailer hire, trolleys, pallet jacks, furniture rugs, etc.
Yes, we have a fully online check in system, allowing you to book online, and make online payments.
As soon as your payment is received, you will receive an access code for the front gate, a unit number, and you will be free to load your property. Remember to bring a padlock.
You are the only person who will have access to your storage unit, and you will be able
You are the only person who will have access to your storage unit, and you will be able to access your unit when convenient to you.
Bunker Storage is protected by 24/7 security patrols, CCTV cameras and unique security gate pin access.
Bunker Storage works with Midland insurance to help provide our customer the insurance policy they need. If you are needing insurance coverage, please contact one of our office staff.
Access control is available 24/7. However 1st time storer access can only be issued during business hours. Bunker storage would prefer our of hours access to be restricted to a minimum.
Regular pest control maintenance is carried out and rodent bait stations checked regularly. Bunker storage strongly advises checking all items moved in, e.g rus and carpets ect, for vermin. To prevent vermin attraction please do not store any food stuffs, dry goods & preserves, and animal foods including seeds, pellets & hay ect.